Tuesday, February 27, 2007

On planning a life, knowledge and courage!!!

Twenty four years are past without one day of it being planned out. I, Vinu Mani Jose have seen as much of the world, perhaps a little more than the average twenty four year would have. Now what waits down the line for me, good or bad, the only ammunition that I have earned over the period of my lifetime is an undaunted belief in self to face anything and triumph over anything that destiny throws at me. Also a belief in god almighty that whatever he does, he does for the best.

Wise men say that knowledge is wealth. But then what good is wealth if it doesn’t buys you happiness and peace of mind. Does it even take you near your final goal in any way. Richness, fame, authority and power are mere intermediate goals that human beings set on their path to that final destination which no man is ever sure of. It’s just a belief that, that particular goal is somewhere a little beyond say being the richest man in the world or the most powerful.

It’s not easy being lazy. Because lazy means being unprepared for the perils that you need to tread over tomorrow. Every day in life is an adventure. And the natural human instinct asks of him by a tool called fear to do everything on his physical might possible to make himself ready, body and soul for facing that adventure.