Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Soul Sapping !!

Well this is not quite what i imagined a managers life to be like. Plush chairs, sexy secretaries at my call, chic mobiles and flashy cars.
Reality: i was running around the maze that they have created in the centre of Delhi called CP-connaught place, at a scorching 42 degrees celsius.
climbing foot wide staircases of buildings long past their deserved lifetimes taking care not to brush against teh walls stained red every inch through decades of careful aiming by teh pan shooting pedestrians, was in itelf a ennerving experience. imagine my sheer excitement at seeing the fifth floor office closed as it was labour day.
Well not all were closed coz if that had been my day would have been so easy. It never happens that way does it. Destiny creates such innovative games to keep us all occupied. now thats real talent.
After going around by foot around the three kilometer or so curcumference of the outercircle of CP i realised that centuries ago when some smart gentleman decided to name the blocks of CP he had a funny idea to have teh F block next to the A block and the E block half a mile across from the F block. And the dumbwitted moron yours truly needed a couple of tours around to realise certain harsh realities. housenumbers, naming of blocks, so on and so forth. cant ever be straightforward. if you are in front of house number 39 and you need to go to 40 dont be surpried if the ones on your either side are 354 and 12. i saw it in salt lake, calcutta, so A behind G is still reasonable.
Pretty babes the unchanging wallpaper of CP was as exciting as ever. but today i decided to give that endeavor, of analysing the crowd a skip today. maybe the scorching sun had got to me or somehitng coz that is pretty odd.
anyways five straight hours in the sun wihtout a thing to eat or drink, five open and three closed offices later i was ready to shoot out of that place for the day. But the ordeal is not over. its still CP for tomorrow. what do you think the chances are that it might rain tomorrow? :-)


mathew said...

podaa..nammalude final year project i remember ente "70% effort" was almost like this!!

VMJ said...

ethu pole aayirunnu ennu? nammal aa scooter odaatha condition aakeele. pinne enthu venam?