Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Do all men see?

Do people do the things they do for a reason always?
And are the men who are successful (and i dont mean anything spiritual cause success and failure is all in this mortal world and anything beyond is rubbish) do things for a purpose and have they always known what they need to do. Or did it occur to them one fine day on their stroll down the alleyways of life that this is the turn that he needs to take from here on and everything was great from there on?
For me, every way is equally dark, or equally bright as I am an optimist. I am not saying that i feel as if im freefallin down a twisting turning spiral with no control or brake. Its not so desperate as yet. Its more as if i dont care as long as the light stays and the light for me is from within, its not shone on me from outside. So thats good isnt it?
Well I am not so sure. Coz its easier for your flame to be extinguished when you carry it around with you all the time rather than hope to do with the light offered by the world around.
But lets not be bogged down by tragic possibilities and fears of what might, coz thats not the way to live. Thats the way for the men who like to see where they keep their next foot, the likes of men who see reasons for their actions. And i certainly am of not that breed.
Take whatever is thrown at you as that is more than what is required. Whats important is to keep that light burning within. Let the flame grow into a blaze that anything that life throws at it will be consumed and grow into a towering inferno.

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Soumya said...

Awesome post!!! Never knew u had that philosophical streak in you...great philosophy tho...keep going.... :)