Wednesday, January 17, 2007

F1 2007

Ive been trying hard to find a motivation to watch the about to start formula1 season. Now with Schumi gone and my long standing tormentor partnering the team that i love the most, i couldnt find something to love and admire without remorse in formula1.
But now ive found a reason, not love but hate.
Im gonna watch this season to see the arrogant unsure alonso meet the end of his lucky streak.
Somewhere around the end of last season the guy proclaimed that the season has predetermined and that schumis gonna win the championship...well what happend?
Sure as hell that would have happend without any sort of external assistance if ferrari had just done their part well.
But then that would have made the puny rascal right. Or am i to believe that the season was predetermined with alonso winning the title?
well whatever, it was just the frustrated ramblings of an unsporting child.
Things are quite different from last season he doesnt have a super machine which jsut needed you to hold the steering straight and without fail it would take you to the finish line in first place.
The only thing i could have wanted more is schumi to take his place in the red ferrari and teach the pea brain a few lessons in professionalism.

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Leo said...

Well Vinu u always were a sore loser when it comes to F1. Although i echo your sentiments of hate.I used to watch F1 out of hatred for schumi. Now even i am at the crossroads with schumi retiring and my guy moving into ferrai. I guess these days everyone has a price. What happened to the good old days where the team, tradition and loyalty mattered the most instead of personal gain...........