Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Ive been getting certain vibes..and not so good ones when i think about the Barca V Liverpool fixture thats gonna happen in a few weeks time.
Strangely the form the odds expert opinion is all in Barcas favour...even fortune in terms of injuries seems to be in their favour with Etoo, Messi and the likes scheduled to return from injury in time.
Im not a believer in karma, kismet or even intuitions. But a firm believer that in case you are prepared for the worst the worst wouldnt happen. Coz god knows that in case you are ready for it whats the whole point in throwing that very same ball at you..Shane warne would never tell you that hes going to go for a googly and then ball it would he.
So perhaps the best way to play warne would be to search for googlies in every delivery.
But coming back to Barca...ive been an ardant fan for years and im not used to things going so smoothly for them as it has been for the last couple of years. Undoubtedly europes best team, trophies coming their way and consistency in performance, what more does a fan need.
Well this fan for one needs that fateful two matches to be over as fast as possible. Coz the sky is innervingly too clear for my liking.

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