Thursday, January 18, 2007

Preserve the child in you.

As one grows older what suffers the most in a person is the child inside. The day the child in you dies you die. The child is the one who makes you laugh at the corniest jokes, makes you look at the dog trying to bite its own tail and run into the yard to catch the first rain drops after a torterous summer.
I'm reminded of an episode in 'friends' in which Phoebe's grandmother dies and her spirit stays behind because she still hasnt seen everything. The key to eternal life is to have that quest to achieve more, do more , see more.
There is so much beauty around each one of us but you stop seeing once the child leaves you. The kitten that meows in the yard next door never catches your attention and the whistling of the wind through the trees fails to create a tune in your heart and be you warned thy day hath come.

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silverine said...

So very true! You do write well. Keep writing!