Saturday, January 20, 2007

Fame, Anyone?

Its something that i realised a long time back taht the most famous are not necessarily the best there is in their fields. No, I'm not talking abuot person B usurping the fame that was due to Person A. I'm talking about a certain quality taht needs to be there in order that a person does the way he does things and in the process attain fame. To put it in another way if somebody just keeps doing the thing he's meant to do better than anyone else in the world he need not end up becoming the best known in his field. You can call taht virtue people management but it is certainly not just that. Not all human beings are comfortable with being famous. They first need to be comfortable with it, then they need to handle it to their benefits and if you can do that then the virtue that i talk of here can be said to exist in you.
There are a certain few personalities that ive been privileged to know who attract people and some others who attract peoples attention but more than warmth create a certain awe. Who among the two is more qualified to be called famous. I'd have to say the second. The former would have a lot of friends and in that sense could be called famous. But fame in its classical definition has an element of awe of fear of detest rather than affection. I guess the former can be called popular and the latter as famous. The slight difference is what i would like to emphasize.
So then in a way fame goes hand in hand with awe but is a sure shot way to ensure that you distance yourself from your true friends. So then, does a popular person have a repository of true friends a hands distance away? Not necessarily either. Human beings are made in such a way that they cant handle extremes. Its much due to underlying egos and biases.
In a way i do sympathise with the famous or more precisely who pursue fame as a goal of life. They are those who need constant reinforcement of their own self percieved identity by a second person. They are extremely susceptible to misleadings and very easy to be conned. What is it that drives them forward. What is the precise need that gets satisfied on achieving this goal and then again can this goal can ever be achieved to full satisfaction. Each person has a self concept and often people think of themselves so much different from what the world percieves him. While some people dont care for this mismatch some others strive hard to change the global perception, because for him what he percieves is more true than what the person sitting next, as is true with each of us. And why would be want to change the world opinion is because for his the acceptance of his personality by his own self is not enough to satisy his ego, which proves low self worth.
Value yourself before you set out to value the world. Take a look at your inside before you raise your eyes to look around. See what you truly are and be proud of it because it aint ever too bad. In any case its better than the poor guy who runs after his virtual hall of fame.

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