Thursday, January 18, 2007

teenie meenie men

One thing i cant stand are men who dont have identities of their own. The kind of men who needs a group to speak out anything, stand up for a cause or even raise their eyes to meet up to the opposition.
Its true that it takes a lot on a man to stand alone and walk against the tide. And history has given us just few of those. But those who have no opinions of their own that derive ideas from their neighbour are the kind of vermins that id rather not even touch with the heel of my shoes.
The worst are those who get into a group and then try to subtly sway the group from the back...very often ends up in miserable failure thats a different deal.
But these are dangerous men mind you. Humanity would be well served to make these species extinct. Often reminds me of the slithery slimy snake that persuaded poor Adam to taste the forbidden fruit.
I do realise the purpose of evil in the world even of moulds and mucus and rats and rust, but people like then should be Banned and thrown to purgatorial fires for the sake of humanities Salvation.

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